Teenager Relationships

As a teenager who just got out of a relationship, HOLY SHIT. Pls i always see these cute couple tiktoks but honestly having a partner at such a young age is literally worse like come on u both are still two immature kids who willl probably break up in 2weeks after a minor argument or it will be the most toxic thing ever. So pls whenever u feel lonely just remember u can concentrate of many other things in ur life dont be fooled by the ,,teenage love expérience,, cause honestly its just even more stress and making decisions on top of the problems u already have.

Anyways if ur in a happy, healthy relationship at a young age this post doesnt aply to you, this is just to cheer up those who are lonely and need it like me to see that a relationship is not everything. These are just my opinions….. <3

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ive been through so many relationships, and they werent just immature that shit was like i was a woman in a 1920s household and i accidently overcooked the steak when my husband came home

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as someone who was in lots of re2lationships throughout my teenage years, you aint wrong

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Unfortunately in this age it is easy to find yourself in difficult situations,: for example a friend of mine told me that she missed her first love even if he touched her without consent, she said she would forgive him.

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i literally SO agree with you... being in a relationship will make you feel like the best emotion you can feel is sadness and dopamine in very bad doses... its like a drug and if its taken away from you, you have to take so much time to move on... im not trying to de-romanticize romance but finding true love takes time and maturity and especially maturity! You cant be dating when you're young! leave room for friends. because i see so many girls and boys leaving their long-term friendships for something so insipid and futile,, it can either build or break you, but it most cases it breaks you. hard.

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the problem with those cute couples tiktoks is that they don't show the full experience of a relationship, it's all so idealized. it leads people who see it (usually teenagers) into entering a relationship prematurely, expecting it to be like the tiktoks, and being disappointed or feeling like they're somehow doing it wrong. :(

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i just have to agree with u . having this concept of romance at a young age just messes with u . it has def messed w me growing up which led to many toxic environments n just overall unhealthy for someone below the age 16 ... i try to give advice to ppl younger than me abt it bc i'd feel so bad if they went through the same thing i went through :c also i've found out im on the aromantic spectrum so thats awesome LOL

for anyone reading this ure so loved . u dont always need 2 be loved by someone in a romantic way . u dont need to always be in a relationship to find ur worth . so much love 2 u all

[also im now in healthy stable relationships . coughs bc im polyamorous . & im proud of u for getting out of the relationship !]

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I can agree with this as well for someone who has been through a lot of relationships, even before i was a teen

Where was this when I was 12 /j

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Thank you, this makes me feel better about being single

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Im glad to hear that <3

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