Silly thoughts

I'm not sure if it's stupid of me to do this, but I think it'd be reallyyy silly to start making little blogs like this to see if it'd help me get out of my writers block. I've been stuck in it for a while, and I really badly want to get out of it since writing is something I have a huge passion for! I've got lots of ideas for stories that I've never gotten the chance to flesh out, due to mental health or just feeling unmotivated to do so. But I'm going to be trying! I'll be setting out a goal to try and read more too, to take imploration from others to help improve my writing skills.

So, yeah, I think this would be really funny. Hi to anyone who reads this, I hope you have a nice day!! Also, this platform so far seems just really cool, I love everything about this place so far!! 

Anywho, buh bye :3 I'm going to post random stuff on here, it's more fun on here than it is on twitter

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