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Yellow Boy

Chapter one

Some people thought I was weird. Some people thought I was random. But I don’t really care what they think. Never mind. Who am I kidding? I really do care. I promise I’m not weird. Many people think I’m weird because I’m a yellow boy. I didn’t control this. Get that into your 2 IQ brains of yours. Just because I am a smart little Asian boy, doesn’t mean I’m different from you white bitches. I’m the only yellow boy in grade 10, and It makes me feel lonely sometimes, because no one wants to hang out with a sushi smelling kid like me. I’ve always eaten sushi for lunch. And many people are always like, ‘Someone smells a little FISHY around here’. And it makes me feel  uncomfortable. Why can’t people make fun of what the white people eat? Oh yeah that’s right, because they are all the same. The teachers don’t care when I get bullied. Actually the teachers don’t care when anyone gets bullied. And honestly this is the worst school in history. All the learning here is shit, because the teacher just gives us a textbook, and we have to do that for the whole lesson. And when people are on their devices, the teachers don’t care, and go on theirs. I tried telling my mum how bad this school is, but she insists I stay here, since they don’t have any money, and this school is for free. Wow, I would've never guessed that. This school is free. Of course it is. 


 I was walking down the hallway, holding my text book, getting ready to go to my geography class, when someone grabbed me by the arm, and rushed me to the bathroom. ‘Hey yellow boy. Your face deserves to get bruised. It would make you much more handsome’. My heart was pounding. I didn’t want to get beaten up by this fat fellow. ‘Oi, Michael’. A voice said from outside the bathroom. ‘Your going to be late for class. Mr Willows is going to think you're wagging’. 

‘Ah shit’. Said the fat fellow who perhaps was named Michael.

  After that situation, I realized I dropped my text book when Michael grabbed me by the arm. ‘Oh crud’. I said to myself. I went outside the bathroom, and the bell rang. I was late for class. That was the first time I was ever late for class. If my dad found out, he would kill me. He would slap me with a shoe so hard. And my mum would probably do the same. I ran with my tiny short legs to the classroom, but my class was lining up outside. Thank goodness. I wasn’t late. 

   After class, it was my first break. I was walking to the cafeteria when I came across Michael again. But this time, he wasn’t alone. He was with three other guys. One really tall with curly red hair, and light green grayish eyes. One sorta short, with brown hair, and blue bell eyes, and one that looked kinda disabled with yellow blonde hair, one lazy eye, and blue eyes.

‘Oi, James, Ollie. Grab him by one arm each, and bring him to me’. 

‘Wait why Michael? 'said the red head.

‘Do as I say James, you hear me!’

   By then, I found out that James was the red head, and Ollie was the brown haired kid. But then, before I knew it, I was being brought to Michael. ‘So we meet again. The last time was bad timing, since the bell was about to go off. Silly me, I wasn’t checking the time. But anyways yellow boy, come to the bathroom this instant’. 

  I was too scared not to follow him, so I did. All three of Michaels sidekicks were following him to the bathroom as well, and I knew that this wasn’t going to turn out well.

When we got to the bathroom, a gush of fear came over me. ‘Put his head in the urinal Isaac’. Isaac didn’t hesitate, and grabbed me by my collar, and put my head in the urinal. ‘Open your mouth yellow boy’.

I opened, and Michael started pulling his pants down. All three of the guys looked shocked, especially James. ‘Michael, you aren’t going to piss on him are you?’ said James, with a concerned look on his face.

‘Oh shut up you skinny Ranga’. Said Michael looking pissed as ever. 

Three… Two… One…

  I ran out of the bathroom, all wet from the piss. I was crying. Then a faint voice screamed. ‘A little yellow won’t change your appearance, yellow boy’.

I didn’t care if I got in trouble, but I left the school, and ran home. 

 I got home in about 45 minutes, and both of my parents weren’t home. I’ve never been home alone before. Mums are always worried that I might get kidnapped. But I’m a smart kid, and I knew no one was going to break in. But to make sure that didn’t happen, I locked every single door in the house.


A couple of minutes later, I heard a loud banging on the door. BANG BANG BANG!. I was scared. My breaths were going shorter, and shorter. That’s how scared I was. ‘Open up little kid. We know you're in there’. That voice sounded familiar. It sounded like my older cousin Grant. But it couldn’t be him. He wouldn’t say that. If he wanted to come in, he would have just used the key that my mother gave him. 

  Grant was about 17. He had a girlfriend, a car, a very cool job, and lived in a mansion. If he wanted to get into somebody’s house, I think he could manage. He was so lucky. Seventeen and already successful. Imagine how much money he would have when he’s older. Well, if he doesn’t fuck it up right now. But Grant is smarter than me. I’m pretty sure he will think before he does anything stupid.

  I slowly start walking to the door, then again, loud bangs. I freaked out and started crying. ‘Aston, we know you're in there. Open up’. My name wasn’t even Aston. I was so confused. But, I opened up the door anyway.


There stood a very fat man, with a long beard, and a weird looking mustache. ‘Are you Aston?’ He said.

I just shook my head. ‘Thought so. Aston wasn’t described as a 'yellow boy’. God, I hate it when people refer to me as a yellow boy. I mean, I can to myself, but I barely do. I consider them racists if you ask me. It’s like calling a black person the N word. Like that would definitely be racists. Even though the white people did make it up, somehow now white people can’t say it, and if they do, a black person would beat them up. ‘Oi kid. What’s your name?’

   I looked him dead in the eyes and said ‘Umnidge sir’. 

‘That’s a funny name if you ask me.’ He said as he started laughing. ‘Of course your name is that. Who would have thought.’

Those words really hurt when he said that. Umnidge was my grandpa's name. And after he died, I was born, and was named after him. I thought it was very unique. But some people, I mean, most people found it funny, and at first it confused me, but then after going to school, I realized how different my name was from all the other Australian kids. Like there were so many Charlotte’s, and a lot of Daniel’s. Every time the teacher called out my name in roll call, all the kids would start snickering. Even the themselves would start to laugh. When I’m eighteen, I will legally change my name to something else. Maybe Tyler, or Hunter. There weren't many Hunters in our school. Only one, and he was a real shy fellow. We had the same math class, and he would always sit in the back with his textbook, away from everyone, and do the work that was assigned. Maybe, I could walk up to him, and start a conversation with him, and make my first ever friend. Nah, like that was possible.

   ‘Umnidge, would you like this 1 million dollars that was supposed to be from Aston. We are probably never going to find him. We’ve looked everywhere. Best give this to someone. Maybe you.’

I nodded. ‘Yellow boy, speak or we won’t give it to you.’

‘Yes please. I would like the 1 million dollars.’

The man looked shocked. ‘Your voice. It’s so calming and deep.’

Did someone just complement my voice? Wow, no one’s ever done that to me before. I just smiled. 

   I never really talked at school. Talking at school would just lead to more and more bullying, but after hearing that guy complement it. I decided I’m going to start talking from now on. Well maybe.

‘What’s your cash app yellow boy.’ The man had asked me.

I didn’t have a cash app, so I looked at him all confused.

‘I don’t think this boy has a cash app.’ Said the fat man, to the skinny bloke standing next to him.

‘Probably not.’ 

‘Look, I’ll give you the money in cash in a week.’ The man said, staring at me.

 A few minutes later, he was gone.


Mum was the first to come home, and when she saw me there by myself, she freaked out. ‘Umnidge! What are you doing all at home by yourself?’

‘Mum, mum, you’ll never guess what just happened, a man just said he was going to give me one-‘

Before I could finish my sentence, she slapped me across the face. ‘You need to get your education up. Do not leave school again’.

I decided not to even finish my sentence, and went to my room. I locked my door, because I was scared. When my dad comes home, I know stuff won’t go so well, because my mum tells my dad everything I do. And he’s always beating me up. It’s not right. I shouldn’t be getting abused. But, if I tell them to stop, they will do it more. I don’t want to call parent child services, because I will get put into a different family, and who knows. They could be just as worse.


Dad got home three hours later, and I heard loud footsteps coming closer and closer towards my door, but they slowly faded away. What? He didn’t come into my room. Then, I heard a knock on my door. I got up from my bed, and started walking towards my bedroom door. I slowly opened it, and it was my mum. ‘Your dad wants to speak to you. He’s in his work room.’ I was never allowed in my fathers work room. He said if I ever step foot in there, I will turn black and blue. After my mother told me that, I had a scared face. ‘Don’t worry, he won’t do anything bad to you.’

   I knocked on the door, and it slowly opened. I saw my dad. Eyes wide opened. Blood dripped down from his mouth. Smiling at me like a physco path. From behind, mum pushed me in and locked the door behind me. What was happening? This better of been a dream. In a distorted voice, he said ‘You’ve been a bad boy… and now you have to pay.’ He came running really fast towards me, and just in time I dodged him. ‘Oh, you little speedy boy.’ I think my dad was possessed by some sort of demon. I wanted to cry. I wanted to ball my eyes out. But I didn’t dare. I crawled towards the door, and tried opening it. It was locked for good. The handle wasn’t even moving. 

   I felt like I was falling through the fall. My eyes were closed, and I couldn’t exactly see what was happening. Then, I heard someone yell ‘Move out they way. I can handle this.’ I really wanted to open my eyes. I wanted to see what was happening. I heard a sword go inside someone, and out. ‘There. You're welcome.’ It was a girl's voice for sure. Her voice was soft, but dangerous at the same time.  


Chapter two

I woke up in my bed. My hip was in pain, and when I touched it, it was wet. I took a look, and so much blood was pouring out of me. I felt very dizzy, and I wanted to vomit. It looked so disgusting. But as I sat there on my bed I could hear the girl's voice in my head. Replaying it over and over. Who was that woman? Was it my mother? No it couldn’t have been. My mothers the one that pushed me into dads work room. Or should I say “dad”. My dad was acting so weirdly, and I remember walking into the room, and smelling this terrible scent. Almost like he had killed a thousand people there.

   The thought of it made me gag. It was so disgusting to think about. As I started walking to my door to go to school, I noticed that the handle was no longer on my door. So I was basically trapped in my own room. What the actual hell. I tried escaping through the window, but the windows turned into bars somehow, and the outside world looked completely different. There was fire, and a man with bloody red horns was sitting on the shiniest gold throne I have seen in my entire life. I tried opening the door again. And I started banging my shoulder into it. But all I was doing was hurting myself. There was no use. I was going to be trapped in my room forever. I kicked the door because I was so frustrated, and it came knocking down. 


As I stepped outside my room, there were two huge red blokes looking a little hungry. As they saw me, they licked her lips. Oh god. I grabbed the closest thing there was to me which was a broomstick, and I wacked one of them in the head, causing them to drop. There was a big thud after that. The second one made a loud roaring sound that made my ears bleed. Literally. He snatched my left arm, causing more blood leaving my body. I was really freaking out now. Until this beautiful woman with dirty blonde hair stabbed him in the back.

  ‘I’m Feather. It’s nice to finally meet you.’ 

‘Uhh, hello Feather.’

‘Its Umnidge right? My daddy talks about you a lot actually. He says you’re the most dangerous person to ever exist, but I disagree. I mean, you couldn’t even defeat that demon that was staring you in the soul. You looked pretty scared if you ask me’

I felt embarrassed. A girl was more dangerous than me.

‘Feather, what are we doing here? Where am I? I really wanted to know, because all this was just a shocker.

‘Oh. You're in my fathers layer. He turned your father into a demon, to capture you.’

‘What? Why me?’

‘Like I said before, he thinks you’re the most dangerous person to ever exist, so he wants to destroy you, but don’t worry, I won't let that happen no matter what.’

I blushed. Feather was really sweet to me. She was actually the first person to ever be nice to me. Considering I was a yellow boy. I decided to ask her: ‘Why are you being so nice to me? After all I am a yellow-‘

‘I help anyone in need’. She interrupted. Plastering a giant grin onto her face.

I was pretty annoyed. When people interrupt me, I get this feeling. This feeling of anger. I felt like I wanted to throw something in rage. Then, Feather put her hand on my shoulder. ‘Everything’s going to be okay. I promise’.

Could she read my mind, or did I look as if I was really about to lose it? 

‘Anyways, daddy’s going to be home soon. Better get back into your cage.’ She said cheerfully.

Cage? What? 

She grabbed me by my arm, and rushed me to this dark, empty place that had green gooey slime everywhere. ‘This is where you will be staying. Till my daddy comes and destroys you.’ 

I looked at her with a scared and concerned look on my face. She just smiled and locked the door behind me. I tried banging on the door, but it was no use. The door was too thick. No one would be able to hear me from the other side. 

   About forty five minutes later, I heard the handle of the door opening, and I froze. It felt like I was stuck in that position. I tried screaming, but there was no point. I would just run out of breath. The door came crashing down to the ground harder than I did it. It was so hard that the floor broke underneath it. The devilish monster that appeared behind it, looked at me with its dark red eyes. I felt a cold shiver go down my back, even though it was really hot. It grinned at me, and its mouth reached to its eyes. Just like my “father”, it had blood dripping down its mouth, and when he stepped into the room, it smelt like he had killed more than two thousand people. In a blink of a second, he started throwing up blood, and I could see a blade through his stomach, and it freaked me out so bad. He felt so hard on the floor that it literally made me jump so high. Behind him, was Feather. She killed her own father? What was wrong with her? But I couldn’t blame her. Her father was literally a demon. I would kill my father if he were a demon. But he was a demon. And Feather killed him. 


As I looked at Feather, I could see she was glitching out. It's like we were in a video game, but I knew we weren’t. Her face was changing colors. From green, to red, and when it reached purple, everything stopped, even the sound. My ears were aching so much because I wasn’t used to this much silence. I stepped back, and as I did, she stepped forward. She licked her lips, and her tongue was really pointy, and spiky. I could see it from here. ‘Come here Umnidge. I won't hurt you.’ Yeah, there was no way that I was going up to her. She could kill me with an instant hit. I kept stepping back, and back, when I suddenly hit the wall behind me, and it came tumbling down, and these two green skinny men that looked really drunk held me by my arms, just like how James and Ollie did to me back in school. Then out of nowhere, two other girls came out from behind Feather. They had name tags on the left side of their shirt, reading “Olivia”, and “Samantha”. I’m guessing that there were names? Probably. ‘Olivia.’ Feather shouted. ‘Bring him to me.’ She sounded different. Her voice was deeper, and more scratchy. I was really scared. My whole body started to shake. There was a sword right next to me. I wanted to stab myself with it so badly, so that I wasn’t eaten to death, but I ended up stabbing Feather, right in the left side of her chest. 

   She let out a scream. The scream was so damn loud, it felt like my ears were bleeding. The two girls who were standing next to her, came running towards me, really really slowly. I felt like I was in a slow motion video. It didn’t feel right. Then, in no time, everything went back to the normal speed, and they were coming at me fast. This wasn’t good. I took the sword out of Feathers chest, and blood began to flow from her mouth. The other "people" I started battling were very skilled. Samantha's head was ultimately chopped off by me, and as it flew, it struck Olivia square in the nose, causing her to fall to the ground unconscious and suffer a concussion. 

  She quickly stood back up and began yelling my name again in a matter of seconds. But how did she know my name, is the question. I hadn't yet introduced myself to anyone here.

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