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    Sometimes I hate being autistic, it is hard to understand others around me and know what and when are socially appropriate cues and what to do. It's very hard for me to understand no matter how hard I try, especially when it comes to boundaries I have zero knowing what others' boundaries are it's like they don't exist to me at all unless I'm told and then I understand and respect said boundaries. I like respecting others' boundaries since mine never are, and I know that respecting boundaries is a key factor in relationships and friendships alike but my disability has a foggy filter over my knowledge of others' boundaries causing people to hate me for not knowing. And what i mean is i do tend to be touchy but that's how show that i feel close to you and like we are creating a close enough friendship which can cause some problems by touchy i mean touching hands it's not sexual if you were thinking that... its not 🧍‍♂️. But this can clash with other autistics who have a zero want for touch which in all clashes with my own platonic love language even though i hate being touched too but the only exception is my friends.  

   So that whole paragraph was to just make it more understandable about this situation i had gone through. Is this person we will call umm.. Max, why not. So Max and i know the same friend i've been going to their class because i was a TA for a math teacher (their class being advanced art) Me and Max were chill for awhile to be honest i'm not exactly sure when they started hating me but they offered me few one time, they let me draw on their iPad, i even complimented their art MULTIPULE times

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