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basic info about me ;;


name: nicole
nickname: morgana
pronouns: she/her
birthday: feb. 09
siblings: i have one older sister and one older brother.
straight/bi/gay: bi
job: i want to be a tattoo artist in a future


hair color: black
eye color: greyish
height: 5'3
ethnicity: whitee
look like a celeb: i dont think i have one
dye your hair: yes, black is not my natural color
have bangs: yes i do
have braces: i want them but cant afford
wear glasses: yes i have very bad vision
wear contacts: i want to but i am scared to wear them
piercings: i got snake bites ;0
tattoos: i am planning them, because i am minor i am waiting for me to turn 18


Color: black is my fav one
Movie: i love horror movies which are based on true crimes so i think 'golden glove'
TV show: i love mlp and skins and bojack horseman and ostre ciecie in polish tv
animal: i love pigeons, moths, seals, spiders, snakes, any insects, butterflies, bunnies, dogs
drink: i jusy love mountain dew
food: oatmeal
alcoholic drink: beer romper
car: i dont have license yet 
day of the week: saturday

season: all fr fr

song: i love years in repair by sslepping desiress

sport: i hate any kinds of sports
restaurant: i am very picky so none, eventually mcdonalds
teacher: my art teacher in high school
subject: art history
holiday: christmas
book: i dont read books
magazine: i dont . 
flower: sunflower
memory: kissing with my boyfriend in some wild bush/trees while our friends 10 metres far from us were thinking where the f we are


person you hugged: my boyfriend 
thing you said: dobrze
thing you ate: oatmeal
texted: my boyfriend
you called: my boyfriend
called you: my aunt
person you saw: my mom 
you had a long conversation with: partner


summer or winter: winter and summer
cats or dogs: dogs
Pepsi or Coke: coke
cell phone or Ipod: 
ocean or pool: pool
black or white: black
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
flowers or candy: candy totally
rock or rap: rock
TV or movie: movie
AIM or MySpace: myspace
stars or hearts: stars
bracelets or necklaces: necklaces
gold or silver: silver
kisses or hugs: ALL ALL 
pen or pencil: pencil


smoked: yes
failed a test: yes
stayed home from school: yes
been to the mall: yes
bought a book: no
been to a show/concert: yes
yelled at someone: yes
got into a fight/argument: yes
cried to a friend: no i dont have friends
told the truth: yes
lied: nope


TV: no
your own phone: yes
your own phone line: yeeesssss
VCR: noo;
DVD player: no.
radio: nope
computer: yesss
posters: yess
of what?: my art
pictures: no 
of who?: 


taken or single: taken
got a crush: on my sunshine

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