KING DORK, has anyone else read it?

King Dork by Frank Portman is a book published in 2006. Its about this 14 year old named Tom Henderson, but is also known as 'Chi-Mo' (short for child molester), as well as Sheepie and other derogatory terms. If you couldn't tell, this kid gets bullied very often. He only has one friend named Sam Hellerman whos also 14, and also smokes, and swallows stolen pills with alcohol.... 

After finding a copy of 'Catcher In The Rye' that was once owned by his dead father, Tom decides to figure out how he really died, and who he was before he died. Oh I have to mention his obsession with girls.

The whole reason i started this novel was because of the fact the mc gets bullied at school, i thought it was interesting. I really enjoyed how it had almost no filter, and how mc felt like he was trying to 'survive' highschool.

the first chapter was pretty amazing if not relatable and i was super hyped to read it. The book itself is very colorful, and if you looked past its politically debatable statements, you could really see its personality. it was very focused around music in the 60s, and mod fashion or whatnot. it got me into a lot of the subjects mentioned in the novel (Vietnam war, 60's music, mod fashion, frank portmans music even tho its not really good).

I hate to say it but its pretty much all i want from a novel.

That would be if there was LESS UNDERAGE INTERCOURSE WTFF. bro only a few chapters in, mc (who is a complete loser) manages to hit it on with a mod girl or whatever and it gets reallllly er otic i guess?? even though theyre 14???? weirdddd. it stopped being about how tom was figuring out how his father died, and  became more about his sexcapades with his 'half-girlfriends'. weird. 

sad. i had high hopes for this book. frank portman could have executed the book much better.  honestly ths book changed a lot about me but i dont wanna reccomend it becayse of its politcal... intricacies.

Anyways, i was just wondering whether anyone else has read, or even seen, this book. 

and to anyone who actually read this, have a good day!!

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Thank you for the good day wishes.

I share the oddness of the protagonist whereabouts around girls but I think in what the book excelled was the part of music and how the band grew.

Yet my biggest complaint with the book was how much it encompassed with very little depth on the subjects, other than the music apart.

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