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STRESS?? FREE (for a week)

just completed my main concern that i have had the past two weeks- the first project and exam for my network analysis class. but now? it is all over. until a week from now when i have to do another exam :/:/

i must say though, i am really proud of the work i managed for these. a) because i feel like a typist god what with my rapid ability to spawn symbols & things and alter the formatting using only the keyboard and not even look up at the ribbon or look up what \command brings in what; and b) because my project looks really nice and neat and cool :):) (and also c) because i now know how the fuck AC electricity works FINALLY and i had to learn the hard way so mega satisfied haha)

anyway, now i am going to sleep because it is almost 6am and this is the second night in a row i have done this (last night for the project, this night for work on my "exam")

good tidings to all, and a happy day to my special few (all else get an alright day tho)

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You're nuts.

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looking over my work so i can turn it in

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