Aliexperess order o_O

Yesterday i had saved up 112 euros, and i decided to buy a shiteload of emo/scene stuff, but also some pink pc finds since i sometimes troll ppl on discord. The best item in the order is the knee high converze dupes, even tho i accidentally bought a size 39 even tho my shoe size is 38. I also bought an invader zim backbag, the 3d version. Today i am gonna go to the beach and i am so foking sure that my hair is gunna get wet LOL. I have straightened my hair like 3 timez this week so my hair is gunna foking die because if my hair gets wet all the hair dye goes away NuUuuUUUUu. Ps, i bought some black and pink hair extensions from aliexpress, i will show yall them when they get here. Pss, spacehey is so fucking laggy sometimes that it removes my template even tho the code is there, and it wont let me change my pic. O_o

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