so i think i just made a speel O.o

so i recently got into wiccan and general witchy stuff, im not quite sure ill do it a ton but i made a spell i think?

one of my necklaces is a little spell bottle with a loop and you can open it, so i did, got all the glitter glue that was in it out and added in:

honey, thyme, cinnamon, vanilla extract and a teeny bit of water. i closed the bottle with white wax and uh yeah, if anyone would like to tell me what this spell does ill be happy to hear.

i have the bottle on a necklace that also has a rose quartz moon (which from what I can tell brings/means love) and a four leave clover in some... glass? or amber or sum idk (wich suprise suprise ethir means luck or thats a myth and it means somethig else or nothing) 

maybe ill make more spell jars since it was fun, but since my family is mega christain i have to hide it

also i dub the spell i've made the cinnamon roll spell (since the white wax with the warm brown spell inside looks like the cinnamon sweet.

anyway thanks for reading ig.


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