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ankle biters..usually mischievous crawling critters who take a good munch out of ur ankle for the fun of it….my have i been chomped on quite a few times. but today, i was feeling quite agitated. sitting in my room with so much pent up stress. looking at the wall, wanting to bang my head on it a million times and clawing my eyes out, you know the feeling. and then! all of a sudden!! my mind started going “ANKLE ANKLE ANKLE ANKLE GIMME ANKLE ANKLE ANKLE ANKLE ANKLE” so i did what anyone who listens to the voice in their head would do. I started viciously gnawing at my ankle. “NOM NOM NOM NOM GHH NOMMM.” And after that…do you know what happened to all the built up stress i was carrying? POOF! GONE!

point being if you ever feel like life is getting too difficult, too stressful, too overwhelming. Take a little nibble at your ankle. Who may really work for you. No therapy, no medication, just this simple natural remedy :)

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