Regent Cake Reviews

Hello all. Over the weekend I got some snacks from an Asian market while traveling away from home and I got a pack of these variously flavored Filipino sponge cakes.

Regent Assorted Cakes
They were all very yummy. Despite my interest in snacks from other countries (especially Asian) I don't get to have many that often just because the only stores around me are, like, Walmarts. And shipping is expensive, so, I don't usually get to try new things that frequently. Like, the craziest my Walmart gets in the sweet snack department is Pocky and Ramune.

Anyways! Here is my list that counts down from my least favorite flavor to most favorite flavor...

5. Pandan (Green)

I never had pandan anything before, so I didn't know what to expect from this. My first impression was that it was pretty basic and plain. Upon googling and seeing that pandan is a sort of vanilla-ish adjacent sort of flavor and I get it. Keep in mind, I still really enjoy this flavor. It's nice to have a more base and rich flavor because sometimes I wanna snack but I don't want anything too sweet.

4. Ube (Purple)

Has a slight sweetness to it. Very pleasant. Ube is a purple yam that I've also never tried before so I also didn't know what to expect but it was yummy. Just nothing extraordinary though, y'know? Not the flavor I would choose if I had to pick one.

3. Strawberry (Red)

Very sweet. Didn't catch typical strawberry flavor exactly but it was still really good. Honestly, more natural tasting than most strawberry things. Unfortunately, I have a child's palate and I quite enjoy artificial strawberry flavoring.

2. Melon (Green)

Incredibly sweet! Almost too sweet even! I have tried a few flavors of Marukawa gum before, and this cake tasted EXACTLY like that melon gum flavor. Honestly, it was a bit strange to taste that strong sweet flavor that my brain associates with gum in the form of a soft sponge-y cake. Never before have I had such a vibrantly sweet cake.

1. Mocca (Brown)

Smell way more like a coffee than it tastes like it, but the flavor is still strong and present. Very delicious. I really really like combining coffee flavors with pastries, it's the best. Such a nice, rich taste. I enjoy it.

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