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I just got my first pair of swim trunks :)))

When the weather started getting nice like a month ago I was thinking about the trip my mom and I are going on to NY in a few months (we go pretty often to see family) and my mom always tells me to take a swimsuit when we travel even if we probably won't swim. I realized that I've had top surgery now and it probably makes more sense for me to just wear swim trunks. That feeling is WILD to me. I don't even particularly like swimming but now I'm so excited to go to a pool or beach and be able to just walk around in swim trunks. The gender euphoria is real. Low key it's a lot harder to find swim trunks that actually look cool like women's clothing is usually so much more creative. I don't think I'd be able to stand wearing a feminine swimsuit now though. Before my surgery I figured I'd keep all my bras even after I recover because I like to use lingerie like bralettes fashionably on the outside of the outfit and it looks really cute. Now though it feels like a crime to wear a bra even if it makes an outfit look better. It makes it feel like I had a reduction instead of a mastectomy and I still have teetus. No more teetus for me 👎 the teetus have been deletus. I did manage to find one cool shop on Instagram that sells somewhat alternative swimwear and they have unisex swim trunks so I didn't have to settle for something completely lame, plus unisex is better because men's cuts are always so unflattering and I'm too small even for men's smalls. I can't wait for them to get here! <3

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Hell yeah, swimming trunks are super cool; I sometimes wear them as shorts

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