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people really didn't like my post about how dumb makeup is, that's fine, if u wanna keep  giving money to cooporations owned by men profiting on your insecurities THAT'S TOTALLY UR CHOICE LAWL 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 :D honestly idc if u think it's "fun" or "art" because how is it art to make ur face fit a specific standard and the same as every one else who wears it... ur dumb. 

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klangles shmangles

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so you're telling me that when i put on my clown paint i'm trying to fit a beauty standard? yeah that makes loads of sense

it really bugs you that much to see people being happy eh? or do you just want to get a reaction

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☆ !

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girl what
not all makeup is the same, there are different styles of makeup and simply its just fun to do.
i think "ur" dumber, why tf do you even care about what people put on their face, anayway? you have your preference and style, let us have ours.

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not to mention, makeup can be apart of religions and cultures, as well as just for fun. Not all people use it to be pretty. Say also cosplayers for example, some characters might have a scar or a certain marking or pattern. Some characters also have unusal skin colors, like blue, orange, green, etc. People are going to use some sort of makeup either way, and youre calling like thousands of people you dont know right now "dumb" just because they either want to look cool, its fun, or they like art.

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aw baby someone must’ve hurt your fragile feelings. your account screams pick-me. you spend so much time worrying about other women, worry about yourself first LOLOL and get sum therapy because the projecting is CRAZY

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most lukewarm take of 2023

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im gonna be honest ive met a fuck ton of people and ive never met a good man who has ever cared if a woman wears makeup, im pretty sure that some girls either feel its forced on them by other girls while most just feel like wearing it because they like it, anyone else agree?

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✰ L!pgloss._.Add!ct ☽ (I have w rizz,, beware)

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This is honestly just embarrassing to society

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☆ sunny ☆

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look at thso deud nah though in all seriousness we don't care

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u are so embarrassing, why do you care about what other people are doing? very odd

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I think when people call makeup art they don’t mean your average-everyday-makeup but the kind of makeup when it looks like a painting in your face(? When they completely transform your face(? I don’t know how to explain it. Here’s a pic of what I’m trying to express

Tho I do agree corporations fucking suck man!!! >:[

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thisss ^^^^
also makeup like trad goth makeup and stuff
a lot of people in the alternative community use makeup to express themselves not everyone does it to fit today’s beauty standards XD

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