My take on the "goodnight mommy movie" (2022)

Last night during one of the movie nights, my husband and i decided to say fuck it and watch goodnight mommy. By just reading the description we honestly just thought it was something like level 16, where they steal younger peoples faces n put them on, or maybe once of those skin-walker movies, or kidnappers. Crazy i know. 

Literally one of the best movies I've watched so far, Now if you're going to keep reading this..


We honestly didn't expect the ending especially when they end up tying their "mom" up and could see her face, judging by the bruising around her face we really thought it was that steal someones face moments. BUT we again she did say she had like plastic surgery done (she also used to be a famous actress) so i believed it. BUT LET ME TELL YOU when Elias untied her and lukas was banging on the door i truly believed that maybe lukas planned it out. HE LITERALLY SAID SOME PSYCHO SHIT IN THE BEGINNING. so bare with me. When elias's mom took him to the barn and made him look at the bloody wood with the hole, i literally thought she was gonna say some other shit like i killed your actual mom or something. 


he never got over his death even tho it was accidental. then proceeded to push his mom to her death from the 2nd floor of the barn and it ends up burning down. 

I WILL NEVER recover from this i swear to god. the entire time we were being fed into this idea that wasn't their mother bc she was being mean ASFUCK and acting soo suspicious. its truly a roller-coaster of emotions 10/10 would recommend.

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