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Can someone write a link 4 me,,, i tried but it won’t work

Soooo, im trying to autoplay a Spotify playlist in the background of my spacehey, I followed a few tutorials, and they don’t work at all, and I have 0 experience with this type of site building, and I’m wondering if someone can help me by writing a code piece to put this playlist into my profile?? If you do it’s much appreciated, and tysm!! ❤️

This is the playlist in question:

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spotify actually has an option to automatically create code (aka embedded players) to ur playlist!

here is what i got from your playlist:

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ok for some reason the code i pasted isn't showing up LOL but just follow the instructions in that link, a pop-up should appear that shows you how the player will look and then just click on "copy" :)

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TYSM!! I hope it works

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