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Our DNI!

We will say this right fucking now, we are Queer, we use multiple labels, we are BLM supporters, we are radically inclusive of any good faith identities. People who identify as anything such as a MAP or a Zoophile do not count in that and can fuck right off. We do however include as an example Mspec Lesbians, Mspec Gays, Gaybians, etc. Identity can be weird and confusing and very complex, what right do we have to gatekeep that? We have bigger problems than weird identities to deal with.

We do not approve of pro self harmer or pro eating disorder people and to be more specific this means any glorification of triggering content, encouragement of other people to do said behavior or even just posing extremely graphic content about yourself doing these things. We have struggled and still do struggle with both. We understand illness but while you are in that headspace if your account is filled with that content, please don't interact with me (at least, on that account).

We would also very much appreciate it if proshippers wouldn't interact here either, you are not welcome and this will not be argued on, none of this will for that matter.

Last not least, I will only ineract with adults, this is because I am 21 years old, an adult, please respect this and if I accidentally interact with you and you are a minor, just soft block, thank you!

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