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My ocs! Jasmine and Mason (long post)

Here they are! Full refs with some base info + Mason's face 

Wall of text time

About their world:

-set in mid/south west USA

-slightly alternate* mid/late 1920s

-*more fun colours and hairdye

-*less bigotry but it's still prevalent (similar to how it is today + freak shows still being a thing)

-it's not super historically accurate politics wise, but I try to keep dates/historical events accurate

please let me know if any of this is disrespectful, I'm more than willing to change stuff and 100% open to criticism 



-Jasmine "no last name" Doe


-transfem demifluid


-28, 13th September


-alignment chart: chaotic neutral (follows their own laws/morals, and cares deeply for those close to them) 

Background: Jasmine is a circus performer (freak show, backstage helper and clown) currently on the run after being framed for the death of her sister and previous circus director. On her journey she begins working at another circus where she meets Mason. Jasmine grew up with her sister and a caregiver that adopted them. This caregiver worked at a circus. Their caregiver found Jasmine and her sister (aged 3 and 6), having been abandoned after their parents disappearance and death. The siblings began working at the circus when they were young. Money troubles have always followed Jasmine, which has led to her apathy towards laws such as theft. Jasmine is also born without most of her right arm (only has a nub after her elbow joint), this is not due to her being half alien but instead a gene fail that would've happened regardless. 

Personality and troubles: Jasmine is a naturally curious yet suspicious person. She's often seen as cold and distant from people who don't know her due to her hard exterior and trust issues. They are actually deeply caring for those she loves, willing to risk her life for them in a heartbeat. Jasmine doesn't believe in standard laws, although they have an extremely strong moral compass. If she finds a rule stupid or it's necessary for her survival, they will break it (usually she just steals necessities). After her sisters death Jasmine suffers heavily from PTSD and grief/guilt. It doesn't help that she's being hunted down by the circus directors pissed off wife and strange lights in the sky. As well as PTSD she also struggles with trust, abandonment and commitment issues, as well as gender dysphoria. 


-Arya Max Mason Masoumi




-27, 23rd March

-2nd gen American-Iranian

-only let's family and close friends call him Arya

-alignment chart: lawful good (prefers to follow the law, very caring towards everyone)

Background: Mason is the third born, and second son, in his family of 5 siblings. (2 older, 2 younger) He grew up on a farm with his family. Despite his family's wishes, he left to pursue his dream of becoming a theatre star. On this journey he begins working at a traveling circus (clown, performer, costume maker/fixer). Unfortunately his dreams are cut short after an accident burns off half his face and much of his right body. Drowning in medical bills he turns to loan sharks. After not being able to pay them back, the non-burned side of his face is cut up by them. Out of fear of being put on the freak show, he starts wearing a clowns mask 24/7. His dreams of becoming a theatre star are shattered because of the trauma and his anxiety/insecurities. He continues to work at the circus, where he later meets Jasmine. 

Personality and troubles: Mason is a very caring and easily loving person, nicknamed a "hopeless romantic" by his family and friends. He's very trusting and optimistic which makes others think he's naive. Below his cheerful nature, he's actually extremely anxious and insecure. He lost all confidence after the accidents, and sees himself as a disfigured beast who doesn't deserve anything. His biggest fear is being displayed at the freak show. This anxiety leads to him staying "stagnant" in his life. He has big dreams but is too scared to chase them, the thought of lost opportunities haunting his sleep. He's been too scared to tell his family about the accidents, convinced they'll use it to further dismiss his dreams as fantasy. He's also paranoid and filled with shame because of the loan sharks who continuously hound him for money he doesn't have. Still, Mason tries to make the lives of his loved ones easier even if it hurts him (sending money to his family, always being cheery and a rock to lean on). 

Jasmine and Mason's relationship:

At first Jasmine disliked Mason for his optimism and cheerfulness. She finds it naive and is convinced he's trying to trick or mock her. At some point Mason opens up to Jasmine about his insecurities/fears, and she begins to realize that she's been wrong about Mason. They realize he's actually a truly kind person just doing his best for others. Not long after they grow extremely close and fall in love, finding comfort in each other. In a sense they're very balanced together: Mason's cheery and kind nature comforting Jasmine and reminding her that not everything/everyone are evil and out to get her. Jasmine's protectiveness and cynical nature giving Mason breathing room to not always be cheery, and feeling safe to admit his anxieties/insecurities. They do have their fights and disagreements, mostly from having very different world views and different ways of handling conflict, but it's nothing out of the normal. 

Unfortunately their relationship trope is right person wrong time. 

Feel free to ask me questions about them!!! I have so so many thoughts (<-being eaten alive) :D

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