wh eh hel

idk if anyone reads it but this day is strange for me. At beggining of the day i've woke up at 6:08, i've decided to sleep more so i fet asleep and my clock ringd at 6:20 like it normally does, i've turned it off and felt asleep again... and somehow my clock has ringed again at 6:20 i've checked it and it was 6:20!!!!!!!11!!1 I'm also pretty sure it wasn't a dream. Later i've been driving by school bus to home and some random boy whispered in my ear "why did you changed your seat" while i didn't even moved :< later he was singing some words like "it's bad tooo lieee" he was repeating it so i changed my seat... after i've got off the bus i was was walking through a road which goes to my home. There is a really aggressive dog which barks at me every day (;() and i was walking as he was like usually woofing at me and when i came right in front of him he suddenly stoped and was just staring at me... wth is happening i think i'm about to cry.             

(sr for bad eng i'm polish btw)

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