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Quotes from my class (Mr.Gman)

I got these from journaling all year long in 8th and trying to make use out of it lolzies! 

"Who drinks water in 2023" "I do" "that's why you're so short"

"But if the sun dies just turn on the temperature in your house"

"Bartending has its perks. You get to see cute people drunk"

"I am a baddie without a fattie or a daddy" 

"You're a third grade dater!?"

"How can I be racist I love black people and Asian myself"

"I could smell the salty air of tears, the suffering of kids"-maths teacher

" you can make a break up letter with a six, seventh, or fifth grader" -social studies teacher

"He held the ball! I'm carrying his germs~♡"

"I think I'm allergic to someone" "think it's the class clown" "I think it's C's loud pink pants" 

"This sounds like the Walmart speaker special"

"Hey you! Girl in the blue stripes, wanna be my friend I'm Ryan's toys review"

"I woke up with all my brothers in my room for no reason"

"We would go to Dollywood again but then you all would get told that you'd be too short for the rides"

"Am I your class clown for the day or..?" "No I wouldn't put that shame on you"

"SHUT THE FREAK UP" "HEY!...take your own advice"

"That's a lie or here I'll say something you understand...thats cap"- maths teacher


"Look miss, when I get angry I take it out on someone but I'm generous by not taking it out on them" "No that's just means you can't control your emotions"

"Elvis died on the toilet" "he was pushing a little too hard" "he took a killer poo"

"I wanna learn Hispanic!"

Probably be adding more but thanks for reading! It means lots to me!! ♡

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