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update / moving from blogger to spacehey

lv. 41 // 98.0%

so i haven't been updating my pokemon go blog for the past two months >_< ig i was a little burnt out or didnt rly feel like sharing anything

i recently discovered spacehey through some mutuals and finally decided to make the move to here! i love the myspace theme and i feel like my blogs would definitely reach more people than on blogger LOL

and even if no one's interested i think i feel happier posting here, this is a nice little space

anyway! hello spacehey, i'm soy, i play pokemon go :) i started this blog to document my journey from level 40 to level 50 (which for those of you who aren't familiar with this game, is a pretty long journey)

no updates regarding stuff that happened in-game bc there's just TOO MANY D: this is what i get for being gone for two months

i have no regular schedule for updating, never did, i'll just write when i feel like it! which means the chances of another 2 month long break is highly likely LOL but i'll do my best to stay active & share my adventures

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