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lv. 40 // 62.4%

wow that experience jump >:) i did lucky egg + friendship level up exp bonus with like 15 people, a mix of good, ultra, and best friends. i have to do another one next week because i wasn't expecting more people to end up being ready to level up so soon :')

also i finally filled all my egg slots with 12km eggs. now i just have to hatch them all at once with stardust and preferably a stardust bonus effect in place. in the meantime i have to grind coins for incubators though... i might not do this often because grinding coins is so tedious :')

i just wish you could delete eggs because i always end up getting them from gifts. i'm tired of seeing 7km eggs. but someone said if ur pokemon inventory is full before opening gifts, you won't get the eggs? i might try doing that sometime

i forgot to share this last time but i put a shiny swablu in a gym and i saw that someone put in their shiny altaria in too :( <3 i love when ppl coordinate like this for gyms

also here's a photo of two ho-oh raids right next to each other. they were spinning in sync. it was kinda funny

yesterday there was a shellos nearby but i was stuck in a work meeting but once we finished the shellos was gone :( BUT THEN it came back like 15 minutes later somewhere closer ?? so i sprinted out of the office and speed walked over to the pokestop it was hanging out at and i finally caught this thing for my pokedex >:)

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