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auto catcher / spinner (go-tcha classic)


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first off, happy first birthday to this account! well, happy belated birthday ig, but i promise i did celebrate on the actual day

anyway, my auto catcher / spinner finally arrived in the mail and i just got the chance to try it out. i got the go-tcha classic which tbh isn't the brand that most ppl would recommend, but idk it seems like all the auto catchers suck in one way or another so i just went with the cheapest one lol

it definitely does its job at catching pokemon and spinning stops without me having to look at my phone. i went on a walk today along a trail near my workplace where there's plenty of stops, gyms, and wild pokemon and i had to clear my pokemon inventory twice lol soooo many pokemon caught! and it was cold and very windy today so i'm glad i didn't have to take out my phone other than to check every now and then that it was still connected

also i do see what others have said about its short battery life but it seems like as long as i turn off the notifications & overall reduce how many times it needs to display something on the screen, the battery lasts longer. ig the screen constantly turning on and off drains the battery a lot

i think i'll def use it whenever i go on walks and don't want to be looking at my phone all the time, or if i wanna play more discreetly :'D

also i finally caught a remoraid lol this pokemon has been missing from my dex but has been spawning around my workplace but it was either too far away, i was too busy, or it ran away so i'm glad i finally caught it.... thank god i don't have to evolve it lol (i don't remember when i caught an octillery but ok) i don't think i have the motivation to catch more of these

there was also conveniently an omastar raid near my workplace so i solo'd it since i need it for my pokedex. ik it has quad weakness to grass and i took advantage of that but i'm still proud of myself for being able to solo a 3-star raid :D

my go-tcha managed to catch one singular exeggcute! only 4 more to go for this painfully slowly progressing research task :'))))

ok one last thing i wanted to share i'm sooooo close to getting that platinum vivillon medal... one of the many sandstorm people i sent a friend request to finally got around to sending me some gifts from israel but they only sent me two so far... i just need ONE more... why would they tease me like this smh


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