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elite raid: regidrago


lv. 40 // 35.6%

today was elite raid day!

i missed last year's elite raids (hoopa) because i was too anxious about going to campus and being around other people irl to raid... sounds a little silly but ppl scare me u_u

i'm in a discord server for the town my university's in, so yesterday i stalked their channels to see if there were raids i could participate in... i initially planned to go to some at around 11am but i ended up waking up at 11am :' ))) bc i set up my alarm incorrectly or smth

thankfully there were some at 2pm that plenty of ppl were planning to head to so i decided to go to those. they were both at some parks that were a 5 min walk away from each other. i took the bus there and jammed out to some music to ignore my social anxiety lol

once i got to the park i settled on some bench in the neighboring block and i'm pretty sure the lady that sat across from me was also playing... she was on her phone the whole time and left when the raid finished lol but we didn't acknowledge each other... maybe we were both shy

there were also a group of guys huddled together in the park, i'm pretty sure they were also playing

anyway for this first round we had like 8 or 10 ppl in the lobby so we defeated it with ease. catching it was just as difficult as any other legendary but i was lucky and caught it within just a few tries, giving me enough time to speed-walk over to the next planned raid location

this next one was kinda awkward bc there wasn't rly a place for me to hide... i was actually in the line of sight of the group of guys playing together... just standing in the distance on my phone avoiding any sort of eye contact ;w; i wasn't sure whether or not to say hi to them but i was too shy and anxious so i didn't :(

but anyway this raid was successful as well. i think we ended up splitting into two lobbies bc some ppl joined late (a guy with two phones ran past me while i was raiding lol) but my lobby had six ppl and we took it down within half the allotted time. i also caught this one pretty easily

and then i turned and walked away without acknowledging everyone LOL

one day i'll be brave enough to say hi to them at least ;w; if my friend was able to raid with me i would've been less scared, but at the same time i wanna be able to do it just by my own strength

anyway the regidrago i caught were both good! i'm keeping the better IVs one (pictured below) and then the other one i'll trade away to someone who wants it

the only thing i regret is forgetting to pop a lucky egg before doing these raids.... they gave sm experience

also this is the team i used. idk if fairy might've been a better choice but i think i still did a decent amount of damage (poke genie calculates around 30%)

at the least i leveled up the ones that were below lv. 25 to lv. 25 since that seems to be the minimum recommended level for the raid to go smoothly. i only just started keeping track of pokemon levels since i wanna start caring about it more to be able to do substantial damage in raids

i also finally finished the collection challenge! for some reason stunky was the hardest pokemon to catch simply bc i could never come across it for some reason... the other ones i caught on the first day LOL

lastly just wanted to share how i'm planning to get my next large batch of stardust... i've been collecting and saving a full inventory of 12km eggs from the team rocket leaders and i'm pretty much there, but now i have to save enough coins to buy enough incubators lol and then i'm gna walk them and hatch them all at once with a stardust active to get all that stardust

why are incubators so expensive though... i better start putting more pokemon into gyms

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