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pokedex progress, managing friends, march events


lv. 40 // 29.1%

note: I meant to post this like last week but the images weren't uploading for some reason so I decided to try again later but then I forgot LOL but not much happened after this (other than me getting tornadus... nothing impressive tho)

aaa I didn't get a chance to update since a few days ago :') I usually feel like updating when a lot has happened or if I'm bored at work but ig that hasn't happened lol

anyway I did hatch the hoenn event eggs and managed to get all three pokemon! and torkoal actually turned out to be shiny :O

also apparently you can get gimmighoul if you have pokemon scarlet and violet, as well as the coins for it to evolve, so I opened my violet game for the first time in months to catch it lol

side note about pokemon scarlet & violet, I do think it can be an enjoyable game, but the poor performance really kills it for me :( like when I opened the game I missed it sm and considered playing again, but then I tried moving around and riding miraidon and I remembered why I stopped playing xD

also caught my first spinda, very cool! it was part of the hoenn special research I think

also I finally caught a 3* rayquaza! idk if I mentioned this before but I joined a discord server exclusively for level 40+ trainers to form raid parties. it took a while to find rayquaza because it was the last night, but I managed to finally join one... surprisingly hosted by someone I was already friends with! they are from the same area I'm from haha what a small world....

I need to practice hosting raids through that server, I'm so scared of messing up and disappointing everyone :')

I think I have a new way of managing my friends list, I have close to 200 and it usually got overwhelming managing them all...

currently all I did was open gifts if the days until the next level was an odd number, and send gifts if even. I'm just adding one more rule to that - only open gifts if it was sent 2+ days ago. I think this is an effective way to section off my friends list, which is especially crucial since I can only open like 30 gifts per day lol :')

as for sending gifts, the rules don't really change much...

also I'm restricting myself to do gift stuff after midnight and after I wake up only... since I don't have to be on lookout for new gifts until they're 2+ days old, and usually I would only have to send gifts the day after I open their gift, which requires waiting for the daily reset

does that make sense? idk if it does xD it makes sense in my head which is all that matters

also I saw the new march events!

I'm gonna need to participate in all the legendary raids, since I don't have any of them in my pokedex :') but none of them like especially stand out to me other than for the pokedex so it's not something to get too excited about

same with the megas; the only one I need is mega medicham. I'm pretty sure the other ones I don't need any more mega energy, and I already have them all registered in my pokedex

idk if I'll try participating in the elite raids... I kinda got too shy to go out and do them last year for hoopa ;w; maybe if it's convenient I'll try them. I wish they were remote....

community day (slowbro) and spotlight hours aren't nothing too special for me either. they're not pokemon I need

soooo this month I can rest a bit! zzz

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