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pokemon go tour: hoenn (day 2)


lv. 40 // 27.3%

i actually ended up catching a lot of pokemon today! i hung out at the local mall and caught groudon and since it's a populated area, i hung around at the starbucks for a bit to catch any pokemon that were around

i also learned that i got 4 incubators from leveling to 40 so i hatched all my non-12km eggs to make room for some 10km eggs. they're sitting in my inventory now and i'll hatch them soon, hopefully get all three of the pokemon that can be hatched :) i don't have any of them on this account lol

i tried to host a kyogre raid through poke genie but people just started leaving ?? ig they thought that 6 trainers wasn't enough or maybe they thought there were only 5 because one of them did have trouble joining... but we did eventually have 6 so idk :T i'm gna try using the discord server i joined lately to host raids from now on

also i managed to catch one shiny! a shiny clamperl. it looks pretty cool haha (i don't have a photo bc i'm too lazy to add one)

for the rest of this month i'm gna try to get a 3* rayquaza and catch one more latias for the mega energy

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