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pokemon go tour: hoenn (day 1)


(i'm going to try putting in my level & exp progress at the beginning of every post for fun from now on.)

lv. 40 // 24.7%

happy first day of hoenn tour!

tbh today hasn't been that great for me. i was excited to go out and play but it was pretty cold. the temperature was bearable until it got windy, then the wind chill was freezing my fingers off and i think it was also affecting my phone bc my phone's performance dropped significantly (or maybe i need a new phone). also there were quite a few ppl outside (i'm pretty sure some kids were playing the event too) and i just got too self-conscious and nervous... so i didn't play as much as i wanted to :(

i bought myself a gotcha to be able to play more discreetly and just focus on getting my steps in or going for a run. i hope it helps and i hope it's worth the money lol

but there have been a few highlights while playing! first off, i reached level 40! the journey begins :)

gaining like 30+ instances of exp boost from friendship leveling is always so satisfying. i think i'm gna not actively look for new friends rn since i'm still so overwhelmed by all the new friends i ended up adding the past few months

and i'm already nearly quarter of the way to the next level! i can't believe i already gained 1.5+ million exp within just today wow....

catching the unowns was fun, my goal is to eventually collect every single alphabet :D i think this event had the ones spelling out 'hoenn' and i got them all!

i also caught a few shinies! i feel like the rate has been slightly boosted during the event. i got a shiny cacnea, castform, and solrock

there were a few hoenn pokemon i didn't have registered in my pokedex, but i finally caught them! i finally registered nincada, volbeat, and zangoose. and kyogre. which brings me to talk about raids...

i did one kyogre raid and one groudon raid, both primal. thankfully the lobbies i joined had several people and some of the players were really strong, so the battle wasn't difficult. it was catching them that was the hard part... for kyogre i had like two balls left LOL thankfully i got them both :)

also the groudon i caught was shiny! but i already have a shiny groudon haha in fact i don't think i ever caught a normal colored groudon ??? i'm williing to trade this one away to someone that can afford it

i'm happy the kyogre i caught is pretty strong. i've been having terrible luck with raids lately... i still need a 3* rayquaza, the two i caught the past week are not 3* orz

oh yeah i also encountered latias like 4 times but it ran away every time ofc... but i got a free one from the research (which was 2* lol) and from a raid (which is 3*) so it doesn't bother me too much

i don't think i'm gna do more raids for kyogre and groudon for their primal energy, you don't even get much after each raid which is ridiculous. i'll just wait until future opportunities for that.

tomorrow i'm gna finish my last collection challenge (ancient shores habitat) but aside from that i don't think i'm gna play that much so maybe i won't have a lot to update :'D i was thinking about hatching all my eggs now to make room for some 10km eggs... maybe i'll do it after my phone finishes charging, or maybe i won't bc i forgot lol either way tomorrow is gna be more of a rest day zzz

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