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i ♡ rome

hello everyone, welcome to my third blog post. 

today i want to talk about how much i love the city of rome. it's insane.

i wish i could live in rome, i think i would never get bored because there are so many things to do and it's just a fabulous city, even if i visited it only once. i want to live in the city center of rome, maybe near piazza di spagna, because i love that square so much. 

this is probably something i only thought about, but rome is so lana del rey-coded: i was listening to lana with a friend while we were walking around the city, before getting to the pantheon, and her music just fitted so well with the whole atmosphere around us.

i want to go back to rome one day, it is such a breathtaking city and i will never stop loving it. 

the only con is that there are FOUR brandy melville shops, and i would literally go bankrupt if i lived in rome, because i would buy things there every single day.. i'm not good at managing money and i unfortunately impulse-buy a lot, but that's another story.

i want to tell you more about my whole trip to rome, but i don't like long ass blog posts, so i'll tell you about it soon-ish !! pls stay tuned !! 


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