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makeup is so stupid

title says it all. if you wear makeup ur a MORON! putting crap on ur face because you've been told it'll make u prettier and more palatable, you have to be a special kind of stupid to think that's normal and not fucking ridiculous. 

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okay so your opinion is really stupid also makeup is for fun and there is others who feels that makeup makes them more prettier and that is true also i like putting makeup on my face it's really fun you don't have to make others feels uncomfortable just for putting makeup lol

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also that girl on your pfp have makeup on her face sooooo

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Alex Andrade Melo

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dont care :p make up fun lolz

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fr :p

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This is so silly. People genuinely get offended and pressed over people wearing makeup LOL. Makeup not only gives confidence you may not have but it also allows people to express themselves way more. srsly grow up.

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klangles shmangles

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ah yes because looking quite literally like a clown is being "palatable". THAT'S clearly the reason i do it. totally.

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I do it for fun

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obvious bait point and laugh

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Mhm.. People can just put makeup as fun ? It's not really like i've been told to, i just like it, for myself you know.
Not everyone think this way, it's not dumb :/

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people prefer a natural look while some like to put some makeup on for a look or style we all prefer different things

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if you suck at putting makeup on just say it lol

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Hannah ♡

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I don't think it makes someone stupid, you have to consider that people have for many years been made to feel insecure of how they look, and it's difficult to get over. A change like that takes many years. There's also those who like it for an artistic reason, it can be really impressive :) I understand frustration when it comes to an industry, but the people who are conditioned to think they cannot go outside without makeup are not the stupid people or morons, it's those who made them feel like that

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OK are you literally crying over face paint?

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Xenogender Nightmare Sans

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its literally just facepainting with extra steps, why do you hate it so much?

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RainySkyeTV's profile picture I don't wear makeup bc I was told it would make me proud, I wear makeup bc I like it. tf?

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Crash Test Dummy!1

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Waht XD

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this is such a sad cope LOL. makeup is considered art for most people, and they don’t always do it to look good for other people. if it makes them happy why does it bother you ? you’re a loser LMAO

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Ion know man i think makeup is kinda cool. It’s fr just customizing ur avatar.

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♥ 𝖉𝖊𝖝 ♥

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it looks nice though and you can do cool styles with it

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