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Welcome to my introduction! Thank you for taking the time to look.

My name is Monika, you can also call me Jack, my username, or anything that feels more appropriate for you. I'm 18, going on to 19 years old and I'm from Lithuania. My gender identity is not much of my concern and is simply up to interpretation, I don't like to follow the "requirements" of labels. Psychology has been one of my greatest interests for many years and although I'm not yet a qualified Psychologist, I would like to take this opportunity to guide people who need it.

My idea for this page is for the sole purpose for it to be a help guide to those who are passionate in the Psychological, those who have no accessibility to therapies who turn to self-diagnosing; but feel restricted from that knowledge and need confirmation, educational purposes, and/or people who are simply fascinated.

Most of the topics I will be discussing will contain various analysis on various types of matters as well as the history and various stereotypes that follow along, e.g. The Dark Triad(Narcissism, Psychopathy, Machiavellianism), Trauma, Asperger's, and many more. Some of these topics may contain sensitive matters but in case that is probable, I can assure you that a warning will be displayed at the beginning of every blog.

For a disclaimer, I want to assure you that if there is by any chance I've made a mistake in any of my analysis - please correct me and it will be fixed within the times that I can spare.

P.S. I draw too!

Self Portrait

Q&A: Various questions and answers

Q: "Can I request suggestions on various topics?"

A: Absolutely, in fact, I encourage you to do so. Not only does it benefit me, it benefits others who are seeking the same knowledge on the topic you are requesting. For example, if someone asked to explain how PTSD rewires the functionality of our brain, a blog will be made specifically for that. Once that blog is published a link to it will be made under your comment.

Q: "Is it okay to self-diagnose?"

A: Yes, and no will be my answer. The only reason I say this is because self-diagnosing has long been a controversial take in the Psychological circles but this would also include those who are medically diagnosed. 

Those who are medically diagnosed are already in a bad position in terms of job-seeking or anything professional; as their future essentially depends on your records just as it is with criminal records, sounds unjustified as it is. In contrast, people sought out on self-diagnosing to avoid this possible issue. Then, again, neither of these alternatives can be good or bad for anyone as it's come to my attention (especially young individuals on the internet) that there are those who consider it a trend, or treat it as a requirement to "fit in" with the others; otherwise you would be deemed boring or standard.

From personal experiences, I initially started studying Psychology for the very same intention to self-diagnose but, it seemed that the more I tried to understand myself the more I grew depressed and found myself subconsciously "adopting traits" of what I was reading. The saying goes: "ignorance is bliss" is usually the best mindset to have when dealing with subtle signs of mental health problems. (excluding severe symptoms)

Q: "Is it possible to inherit mental issues from parents/grand-parents/etc?"

A: Yes, it's very possible and has been officially confirmed in Psychological circles that mental problems can be inherited just like it is to inherit a physical feature from any of your parents or descendants. In some cases, off-springs can inherit more traits of a certain mental condition than their descendants do, and it can be the other way round as well. 

Although it can be genetic, it can be influenced by your environments; Oppression being one of them.

Oppression in certain social circles can very much rewire your cognitive functionality, and physical developments. Common examples of oppression are Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Classism, Ableism, Lookism, Colonialism, and many more. When facing Oppression, the brain is placed in "survival mode" and has been rumoured to show some evolutionary qualities in all of these categories. e.g. People who have been subjected to Racism have shown incredible qualities of physical strength and man-power compared to those who haven't, as well as higher pain intolerance and many more.

If you have any more questions/requests, please comment on this blog or on my profile. I will be happy to engage with anything you need to know!

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