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Spacehey odd thoughts

One thing i find interesting about spacehey is how so many people have lil icons or characters as their profile pics, this can be for a number of reasons , maybe insecurity, or honestly just privacy, but i find it rlly funny when someone has a picture of a drawing in the ‘emo’ or ‘scene’ art style ( i think you know what im referencing) and they end up looking completely inaccurate to it, or just like a completely different person. I just can’t understand the argument of “I can’t be alternative irl” what exactly is stopping you? No money? - just diy it. Scared of judgement? - i can assure you you’ll be fine. Don’t know where to start? - just start off small and you’ll get the hang of it eventually. The only excuse i can honestly understand is if your parents threaten to kick you out for it, or some form of unsafe housing situation where the extra attention might put you in danger. Other than that i honestly believe people are just being lazy (or even worse….. posers D:: /hj)

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i dont have to say anything about being alt(i like learning abt diff cultures and they all look cool but i dont wanna label myself bc i like so many things at once and there isnt one prevalent that i can pick(and also the thing where you need to fit a particular style))

but i never put my face on pfps bc i dont like how i look + privacy

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That’s fair tbh

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