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My favorite characters💀

South park= Kenny

The walking dead= Glenn

Madoka magica= Homura

Sailor moon= sailor pluto

Invador zim= Gir

Sanrio= Chococat (and cinnamopkrodkiol I definitely know how to spell that) n retsuko))

Vocaloid= Miku

Project sekai= Tsukasa and mizuki and emu

Pusheen = pusheen duh

Gloomy the naughty grizzly= gloomy 

Yan sim= Ryoba and yan chan :3 

Aggretsuko= Retsuko and Fenneko

Yotsuba= Yotsuba she is so cute she makes me cry/hj

Kikis delivery service = JIJI! HES MY BACKPACK AND LUNCHBOX >:3

Ddlc= YUUURRIIIIII!!!🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

Needy streamer overload= 😨

My little pony= fluttershy

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