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Waiting for Wanderer

The boy who was born out of an archon's selfishness, and never knew love because of it.

Kunikuzushi, the boy who was discarded by his own mother.

The boy who was tortured by the doctor's experiments, and only knew pain because of it.

Scaramouche, the boy who found a home in the darkness of others' shadows.

The boy who was erased from the world's memory, and who knows nothing because of it.

Wanderer, the boy who now drinks deep of both the many freedoms and sorrows of this world.

Keheh... Despite his rough personality and harsh words, you can't help but feel bad for him because of all the tragedies that he's experienced... Perhaps his attitude only causes you to feel worse for him, as you wonder about the kind person he could have been, had life been kinder to him... Truly, he is utterly steeped in misfortune. 

I love his design, I love his backstory, I love his personality, I love everything about him... And if the leaks hold true, I shall finally be able to pull for him. Wanderer, my beloved... I have everything ready for you, so please, don't hold back. It's rude to keep a lord of darkness waiting, you know? Kuhuhu...

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