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  • i am a minor. i don't have a age limit on my profile, but PLEASE don't be weird if you're 18+
  • i have social anxiety, i'm so sorry if i come off as dry, it takes me some time to open up towards people </3
  • i also am not mentally stable, i am actually delusional, i apologize if i ever come off as mean or "strange" or anything. PLEASE let me know if i've upset you!!! i'll apologize asap i promise, i wont get mad or anything ❤ /gen
  • i will bulletin spam!!! sorry i love talking about my day and every little thing that happens!!
  • i need tonetags!!! i am neurodivergent
  • i am what you call an IRL, as my profile says. heres a carrd that explains what IRLs are !!


  • basic dni criteria [pedos, racists, lgbtphobe, zoos, proship, etc]
  • NSBM fans [national socialist black metal], go away you neo-nazis.
  • reality checkers. i am NOT against people getting help, but please dont reality check me, it makes me feel so horrible when people try and reality check me, im sorry but it just throws me into a episode
  • adding onto the thing above sorta, please dni if you're against IRLs

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