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My First Love, My First Heartbreak.

I met my ex-boyfriend about 2 years ago. It was September 2021 when I first noticed him at school. In our grade we had 6 classes only. I had math first and he had reading first. We only saw each other when we would switch, when we'd go to lunch, and when we would go to electives. The day I first noticed him around, we had been outside. I was talking with my friends about our type in guys. My friend had asked me "What's your type?" I replied with "emo boys," but I was joking. That's when she points at him. "Look, there's an emo boy!" He had fluffy hair, he was tall, and when he turned around to talk to his friend, I saw his eyes. They were so pretty. I knew who I wanted when I saw him. Him. Just him. I didn't know his name for a while so me and my friends would call him "emo boy." I would stare at him a lot. I found out his schedule from following him when we'd switch. (I'm not a stalker guys I swear) One day when we went back to homeroom, there was a book left on my desk. My teacher told me to go to my 3rd period class to return it to whoever owned it. I walk to the class, and I call out the name of the book. I asked who owned it, and it was his. I found out his name. He knew who I was already. Each time after that, when I would turn to look at him, I met his eyes already looking at me. We went on the same bus, and when I told my friends about him, they made me go talk to him at the bus area. A week before November, my friends kept pushing me to sit with him at the bus area. They were pushing me onto the seat next to him while I was struggling to get up. They forced me to sit down, and they held me down while he was just laughing. The next day, we talked a little bit when my friend sat beside us and asked him, "Do you like her?" He responded with a "Yes." She then turns to me and asks, "Do you like him?" I responded with a "Yes" as well. She then asks us if we wanted to date. I said, " I do, but it's whatever he wants." He replied with something along the lines of, "I do too, but it's if she is ready." We had officially started dating on November 2nd, 2021. The day before we left for Thanksgiving break, I got his discord. We started talking every day and everything was great. Soon enough, my mom found out about our relationship. She didn't think anything of it since we were young. Until my stepmom went through my phone in the summer. I don't know if she saw anything because I had my apps locked. You needed a passcode to get into any apps I had locked. I had Snapchat locked so I'm guessing she thought I would take nudes. I was grounded that whole month I was with her and my dad. I wasn't able to talk to him at all. The only times I did talk to him was when I would play FortnitešŸ˜­. He started overthinking a lot when I came back. We would always argue. I would try to reassure him, but he would always hit me with "yeah sure" or "ok." I didn't like arguing or him being mad at me. I got more distant with some friends. I had asked him once if I could sit with my friends at lunch since I was always with him. He told me that I could, and I was happy. I was happy that day until he stopped talking to me the rest of the day. I was crying to my best friend, and she told me I needed to break up with him. I was already supposed to be broken up with him since my parents didn't like him. So, I broke up with him. But then, one night I had been passed out. My friend got my phone, (I didn't have a password at the time) and he started talking to my ex. When I woke up, my friend proceeded to tell me that my ex openly admitted to him cheating on me because I had issues. My chest hurt. I didn't expect him to do that. On the last day of school, I told his friend what actually happened. He tells me that my ex had been telling everyone that I let him hit and that I was the one who cheated. He hurt me more than anyone else ever had. I never expected him to say those types of things about me. Everything he said was not true. Yeah, I have issues but I never tried to make him feel bad for me. He'd guilt trip me. Each time we'd get into an argument, he'd try to manipulate me into feeling bad for him by bringing up his past. I hated it.

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