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Journal Entry #52: 06/11/23 - First Week of Engineering Camp


Alright, I've finished my first week of engineering camp! 

Unfortunately, I have some complaints. Let's start with classes. Classes are great, my favorite (and first) is Java; it has so many uses! A few days ago I made a program that could accurately determine if a number you input is even or odd. I can't wait to code more tomorrow. Pre-calculus class is fine, I'm doing really well with the homework assignments. In fact, the teacher announced who made 100s. Considering my score, it looks like I'll become the resident student tutor lol Last, I have chemistry, which is also fine, but the teacher goes too fast! I asked the teacher to slow down, but nothing has really changed, so one of the program directors is going to be sitting in on the class tomorrow. Eek! It makes me nervous, but I don't know why? Thankfully class is only in the morning, so I don't have to worry about trudging through the material in the afternoon.

Second, let's talk about the things that happen after class: presentations and SI (Supplemental Instruction). First of all, asking a bunch of 18-year-olds to not fall asleep after lunch during a presentation is a little too much to ask. Obviously, we should let our food digest, but listening to presentations from teachers and then listening to more presentations from other individuals becomes repetitive. There are some other things we do besides presentations, such as teambuilding exercises, which are fun, but during the week, everything feels so crowded and cramped. SI is nice, but for whatever reason, I can't get myself to focus on my work at that time, and end up leaving the session with unfinished work. It's pretty helpful though, especially if you have any questions.

Now, let's talk about food here. The food selections are plentiful, but considering that no one wants to spend outside money, we mostly eat at the dining halls and other locations that accept the campus card. So essentially, our choice is every day to pick between Panera, Chick fil a, and the dining hall. Thankfully the dining hall switches things up and Panera has a broad menu, but I've found myself within a loop. Hopefully, I can get out of it.

 Okay, there's a schedule that comes with this program. However, it is unreliable. The weekend that we had did not reflect the schedule. Also, there's not really any time to do anything. What I mean by this is that we're always doing something and there's little downtime. I like to pad my time, and that's part of the reason why I wake up so early. So I can chill before I do anything. However, I have to be downstairs by 6:45 to go to breakfast, so I only have 35 minutes before I head downstairs. I have one thing after another until 8 o'clock. In contrast, on the weekends we do almost nothing, Sunday especially. I still had fun though. It just seems a bit off-balance.

Anyway, I hope this week is better since it won't be the first one. Oh, and I have a midterm on Tuesday!!! Also, I've found myself counting the days (which is bad and slows down my perception of time). I miss home a little, there's a mysterious package waiting at home for me, I have lots of drawing ideas and new fonts I want to try out. 

I need to get to bed, but my roommates still got some work to do. I also need to remember that it's Sunday.

My schedule's been thrown off, but I'll likely post again when the weekend starts.

Boa noite,

AstraGenesis ┈━═


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