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I haven't been here for a good while (Updates)

So there's this game 

I got a hold of Rhythm Heaven Megamix and have been playing it for the last 3 or so days; My personal favorite games are Spaceball and Exhibition Match 😁; I got my flow to 45 or something, I forgot already LMAO; The Gatekeeper Trio has beef with me send help

Me when I make an error that ruins my run of the game ⬇⬇⬇

So there's this movie  

So around the middle of May, I randomly remembered how I used to be big into slasher movies; I decided to take a stroll down memory lane via the slasher Tumblr tag; The scrolling was cut short because of all the weird stuff (💀) I saw; But what I DID rediscover was Jeepers Creepers, an infamous movie in the Me Lore™ since 2017; Anyways I am insane over this fucking movie and believe there needs to be more memes about it, like, IT'S SO FUCKING FUNNY; So yeah let me know if you wanna see any of the memes I made about it 

(RANDOM DISCLAIMER: I do not support Victor Salva; He is an awful person and he deserves to be punished even more for his disgusting actions; This movie just so happens to be made by him B'( So that's that 😔)

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