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My dream life

I honestly cannot wait till im in a band and we maybe go on tour (NO AIRPLANES, FILTHY TOUR BUSSES FOR THIS BITCH!) and we'll go on tour across America even though im Canadian bcz that's a life long dream of mine and ohhh emo geee band life!!! I want to be like Pete Wentz in the 2000s and have 1000000000000 different boyfriends and girlfriends on every tour and I want to sleep in the bunks and shower outside and stay in motels and eat breakfast every morning at diners and be on TV (ik that doesn't happen anymore but we still have yt interviews) I want to be a band like blur but im Canadian, I love the britpop sound and when im older im gonna move to England, London is my favourite city in the whole world. I imagine touring as a band feels like how "for tomorrow" by blur sounds 

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