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I went to a Weezer show

It was so fun!!!! I went to the show in OKC with my dad and the venue was next to a science museum so we went there before the concert started and it was awesome. I love science :)!!!! Anyways I got a bottle of water and walked around the venue for a bit. I bought a Modest Mouse shirt and a Weezer shirt (No pic of the Weezer shirt bc I'm wearing it rn but I'll show the MM one at the end of this post). 

When the show started I hadn't heard of the first opener but they were really good, I'll have to listen to their stuff later!!!:) Modest Mouse was cool, they played my three favorite MM songs so I'm satisfied but the guy sitting next to me was really sad that they didn't play Float On (fair tbh). 

When Weezer came on it was so awesome ^-^!!! The tour is road trip themed so they had this like big inflatable thing that looked like the inside of a car and the windshield was a screen that played animations related to the song they were playing. I think I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams, Hash Pipe, and Say It Ain't So are my favorite songs they did. They also played Buddy Holly in the encore, that was fun. 

Overall I had a super good time I'm really happy I went!!!! Now for pics :) 

The stage during Undone was just Weezer themed (I found this quite humorous) 

This is when they just started, the first song played was My Name Is Jonas if I remember right

Lastly: Cool shirt :)

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