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why i dont (and wont) have a dni list

[excerpt from rant in someone's dms]

i tend to rigorously examine anyone who sends me a request anyway, so i dont need a dni list. if somebody sucks and has the misfortune of interacting with me once, i will cybersleuth their accounts for any suspicious behaviors or excuses to block them immediately

this website despite its swag very much festers with insufferable gatekeeping cunts, antagonistic assholes, gaslighting gutterfuckers, and all their ilk. i have learned to look very carefully for red flags and simply avoid them in the first place.

i cant be bothered with a "dni list" because the kinds of cunts that would be part of it either would ignore it on purpose out of spite, not read it because they're lazy, or not read it because they're self-righteous and assume automatically they wouldn't be on it because they're a perfect little angel. so i just leave the blocking to myself.

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