i am going to eat the mario movie. /pos

as someone who has proudly seen the mario movie 3 times at this point (call me what you want, i am a nerd at heart when i wanna be), i can proudly say that it's one of my favorite animated movies from this year. everything about it: the animation, the music, the characters... everything about it is so charming is so special!!! from mario and luigi having a big italian family to mario actually really disliking mushrooms throughout the first half of the movie, the movie just feels so unique and so real too! all of the little easter eggs and references sprinkled in are absolutely golden. although the pacing and stuff is a little off, i still enjoy everything about this movie.  will i be watching the sequel? YES!! will i be watching this movie again another 4 times? probably,,  

anywho, thank you for listening to my small little ramble!! maybe someday i'll make a full review of this movie? who knows! that'll be all for now, though. bye bye, friends!

-love, angel 

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