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How are you really?

Hi everyone! I want to hear about how all of you are doing. The internet can be such an awful place filled with negativity. I just want to give you all a safe place to just talk about how you all feel. We need more people supporting others nowadays.

So, how are you? What's been going on with your lives? Any cool things you did recently? Any new music or shows youve been liking?

I love you all. Stay safe and please never forget that you all matter.

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Mixie Pixie

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I guess I'll go first :3 Last week i went out w my friends and i had an acai bowl for the first time! it was so yummy :,) I loved it!!

I've been feeling a little lonely lately though. When I'm not hanging out w friends, no one really checks in on me :< But i've been playing minecraft lately on a server for the first time! Its been really fun :3

I also had this really uncomfortable dream last night about and irl person and it was just gross :( I havent really talked to anyone today and i've been feeling off bc of the dream... bleh.

Anyway, what about you all? :)

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