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〘 06 ⋆ 10 ⋆ 2060 〙


Subject: I have discovered an optical storage medium in the form of a compact disc.

During a recent stroll through the bustling streets, I found myself immersed in thinking how cars are flying, marveling at the remarkable advancements in technology that have been achieved and contemplating the boundless potential yet to come, even beyond my own lifetime. As I marveled at the remarkable progress, I couldn't help but observe how the relics of the past, particularly CDs from the 1990s to the 2020s, have gradually faded into obscurity in the year 2060.

One particular observation that struck me was the scarcity of CDs, especially in this city and era. The relentless march of technological progress has rendered physical media virtually obsolete, with CDs fading into obscurity. Few establishments still carry them, and those that do often charge exorbitant prices, reaching upwards of $200 in virtual shops. The prevalence of digital formats has reshaped the landscape, leaving CDs as relics of a bygone era.

As I made my way back to my apartment, a peculiar phenomenon unfolded before my eyes. A radiant blue light emanated from within the walls of my humble abode. Intrigued, I ventured forth and discovered a crack in one of the walls. To my astonishment, there, suspended in the air, was the enigmatic CD, its surface glistening with an ethereal glow that even the most advanced cameras of our time failed to capture.

CD LIght

As I attempted to retrieve the enigmatic CD, a sudden and rapid sequence of glitches ensued, engulfing my surroundings in a disorienting spectacle. Before I could comprehend the unfolding events, my consciousness seemingly faltered, and the next recollection I had was awakening in my own bed. 

Curiously, I noticed that Camera 6, an unassuming device in my room, had inexplicably "come to life", its position shifting erratically. It appeared to exhibit a peculiar semblance of consciousness, evoking an uncanny sense of existence. However, despite its active state, Camera 6 failed to capture the precise nature of what transpired during the glitch caused by the CD. Just as abruptly as it had awakened, the camera emitted a glitching sound, momentarily shutting down before resuming normal functionality. It was at this moment that I regained awareness, perplexed by the inexplicable sequence of events.

〘 06/10/2060  ⋆  21:46 〙

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