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silly music blog #1

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hiii everyone!!

lately i've decided that i want to expand my music taste; i'm down to listen to a lot of different genres, but i still tend to fall back on a lot of the same artists. so, i'm going to be listening to a bunch of new stuff to see if i can find some more songs and artists i like! and i guess i'll be blogging about it too :)

i won't do any in-depth reviews, because i'm a pretty casual listener. if i make more of these, they'll mostly consist of documenting everything new that i listen to and saying whether i like it or not. i'm not a musical authority by any means, so take everything i say with a grain of salt--as long as you listen to and enjoy it, then it's good music!

i've got a lot of album recs to work with from my friends, but i'll get to those later. i'm gonna start with my spotify discover from this week, which you can listen to here if you'd like:

1: modify (edited version) - lemon demon
starting off with... a song i have heard before! not bad, but not what i'm looking for. i'm here to discover new music!!!

2: жаль - ferry
this was short, but really funky and noisy which i like!! turns out i've liked a song by this artist before and just forgot, so i'll have to check them out later. reminds me of ghost's newer stuff

3: heart throb - be your own pet
fan of this one!! honestly you can probably show me any upbeat song with a guitar and shouty vocals and i'll like it pff

4: biggering - the lorax

5: your ex said you can't dance
i loooove another song by this artist, rock star skinny! i have a bad habit of finding 1 good song and not checking out the artist, so i'm going to remedy that immediately and go listen to them soon! i'm really happy with this one, i could dance around to this :)

6: the meat grinder - japanesecoffee
i think the fact that i'm getting jerma fansongs in my spotify discover says a lot about me as a person. this one's alright i guess, it has a funky beat i just can't take it seriously because it's jerma </3

7: don't hold it against us - skyfixing
this sounds like a fnaf fansong. not bad by any means, i think it's kinda growing on me, but it definitely has The Living Tombstone vibes (UPDATE. i looked it up and it turns out it is a fnaf fansong! checks out. but why is it in my spotify discover LMFAO)

8: dentonweaver - raccoon tour
this is definitely something i'd listen to in like... middle school? has a nice vibe but i'm not as into indie rock as i was before

9: psycho killer - the wrecks
a cover of psycho killer by talking heads! i like it, feels more modern (for obvious reasons) but i do prefer the original

10: perpetual mild illness - crooks & nannies
another one of those artists where i recognize them from hearing one song (carry me) but i never bothered to check them out. this song is a lot more laid back and soft; it's chill and i like it, but it's not something that really catches my attention

11: the town inside me - you know. from guilty gear strive
what is bridget's theme doing in here... good song but not something i'd listen to on the daily

12: Горячо холодно - Второй этаж поражает
this slaps. very dreamlike. will probably check out the rest of the album later. not much else to say!

13: self esteem - ajj
ajj has an audience and it's not me

14: we should kiss - zombie-chang
this one was really nice !! simple instrumentals but it works really well :) keeping this artist in mind for later!

15: black cat - whitey
ehh, it's not a bad song at all but it's not exactly my thing? i tend to enjoy super energetic stuff and this is a little boring to me, so that's probably why. i have a friend that i think would like this though, so i'll save it anyway!!

16: red green yellow - the garden
i've been telling myself i need to listen to more of the garden!!! love this one

17: hold it in - jukebox the ghost
yet ANOTHER "i've heard one song by this artist" (under my skin) situation!! which, again, i need to fix, because i really liked this! it's something i would've enjoyed a lot more in like 2020 maybe, but it still sounds awesome. i used to love stuff like this!! (but i am awful at identifying genres)

18: shut ur mouth (pls) - crustsox
i also would've eaten this up in 2020!! but it sounds like a ton of other songs i've heard before, so it doesn't really stand out to me unfortunately :(

19: satan, luella, and i - hmltd
ooookay. i usually have trouble listening to slower songs, so i was worried i was going to be disappointed and all 6 minutes would be the same, but the drop hit HARD and was really worth it!!! adding this to my playlist STAT!!!!! and the lyrics were so good! i have to check out more stuff by this band omg. high bar set for the next song

20: high tide rising - fox
the guitar in this is SOOOOO FUNKY. ouuuuuugh. im ascending. dont care about the rest of the song goddamn..........shoutout electric guitars forreal best invention ever. high bar has been met

21: museum - kitsch club
i used to listen to louie zong a lot a couple years ago!! short sweet & silly just like the rest of his music in a feel-good style :) not something i'd add to a playlist or anything, but it's a cute song!!! :3

22: set on you - billy's bones
not the first time i have gotten a worthikids song on my spotify discover.....? good song though

23: soup is good food - dead kennedys
oh i love the vocals on this one theyre like... cinematic... i'm running out of words to describe all these songs and it's hard for me to pinpoint what else i REALLY like about it but i am really enjoying this one!!!

24: pogo the clown - dog fashion disco
ohhhh this is awesome.........whenever someone mixes brass with guitar i always enjoy it i think. very very good song!!!! :D

25: kill the sun - rusty cage
this one was alright! didn't really stand out to me though

26: yes, i am. - itimatusuzuka
i dont really care about vtubers but this goes hard what the hell

27: 666 kill chop deluxe - lisa: the joyful ost
i loooove those old rpgmaker horror games and this just reminded me that i need to go play through the lisa series sometime soon. banger song btw

28: alamo - flagman
i really love the tempo changes here!!! as well as the Screaming. this song is an Experience and i like it a lot :D

fav songs from this batch:
satan, luella, and i - hmltd
soup is good food - dead kennedys
your ex said you can't dance - the real zebos
pogo the clown - dog fashion disco

overall, i think this was an okay playlist. not good, but about the quality i expect from something that's been auto-generated on spotify. there were some real gems in there though, so i'm glad i listened.

a gif of a musical score

aaaand that's it! if you made it this far, thanks for reading my silly ramblings :) i'm by no means an expert when it comes to music, but this was really fun. feel free to drop recs in the comments or something!!

a gif of a musical score

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