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  • 18+ only! i'll probably just ignore your request if i can't see an age listed :")
  • i don't really have any interest in discoursing (especially intracommunity lgbt+ discourse) or current events so if your page is centered around that maybe we shouldn't hang out :"D i don't wanna debate you
  • i have some trouble detecting tone, so i like to use /j, (joke) /s (sarcasm), and /gen (genuine). anything beyond that just confuses me lol
  • i'm pretty chill about most stuff, idrc what other people are doing for the most part and i'll just silently block anyone i don't like most of the time
  • system safe!


  • ik ppl are gonna interact anyway but for clarity's sake: general dni criteria applies (no bigots i.e. transphobes/homophobes/racists/ableists/fakeclaimers/etc)
  • proshippers/anti-antis/ddlgs absolutely do NOT interact i've got turrets set up to get your asses on sight
  • if ur not critical enough of ur interests to understand some ppl dont wanna be around certain content then idk it'd be best to not interact. there's certain content idr want around me (harry potter, dsmp, neko para, some other stuff) and i think it's fair to curate this aspect of my online experience by saying not to interact if ur entire blog is dedicated to it :") idc if u like that stuff i just dont want it around me
  • if ur just generally a very rude or mean person foisfjeoisf i don't find it funny is all

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