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Im new to spacehey, i came here bc i saw a cool tiktok about the layout options here. I also really like lovejoy, im not 100 percent sure i made it apparent. Im not sure what i should write here, uhhhhhhhhh its nice to be here?? I should also create a dni list soon, too. Hopefully im not overwhelmed by everything i *could* be doing, to the point i do nothing at all. Also, I’m pretty dumb, so im not too sure how to maneuver this website. At some point i had like 3 Fs on my classes… at the end of the year though, i was able to make those Bs or Cs. Sometimes i wonder how i even passed this year.

Also, like i said somewhere on my page, im a minor. Adults can interact, just, yk, dont be an ass. Thanks!

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ahh i understand, i'm new here too, still confused sometimes :DD

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same, i just once saw vid in tiktok and decided to try myself

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Nice to know someone else knows the struggle, im still trying to figure out how to add stamps and blinkies to my profile

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