final exams DX

is anyone else doing final exams? i’m so stressed!! i haven’t been studying at all but i feel like i should be, but i’ve just being going into exams blind and it hasn’t been too hard so far, so just why should i break this streak now? the only thing is, it’s the more harder subjects this week XP. science, spanish and music. there’s set criteria to learn for spanish, and there’s a lot to know in music and science. i’m debating on studying or just winging it, because i’m not so bad at science, i’m pretty good at spanish and i don’t care about music. idk!! i’m stressed!! we’ll see how it goes anyway!! }X

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i had exams last week. you should DEFINITELY study. trust me. i ended up getting a low score on my civics exam because i didn't study. especially if your grades are already low!

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i wish i’d heard this sooner!! i only have two exams left now and haven’t studied at all!! X( thanx for the reply tho!! i appreciate it X]

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