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so tired of this

ever since i was a kid my biological mom would move us to a new area once and sometimes even twice a year, in 2021 i moved in with adoptive mother and thought that would be the end of all this moving shit but nope, my biological mother decided to ship me away to Alaska where i stayed with my dad for 8 months until i was an adult and made the choice to come back to my home state over 3,000 miles away where i stayed with a friend for a while and met my current girlfriend and all of a sudden my friend had to sell the house and i was left with no other choice but to move in with my girlfriend which wasn't bad but i hate having to rely on others, well long story short we had to move out of where she was staying and move somewhere else with her friends but then we had to move out of there too and into a hotel, then my best friend offered a spare room in her apartment to stay in but then she fucked us over and we had to move into my girlfriends sisters mf basement and now we are over 1,000 miles away from our state trying to get on our feet in this new state whilst staying in a hotel and overall i'm so so so fucking tired of this all, its not even being in a hotel tbh i really don't care about that, its the fact that this is happening every fucking month, new month new fucking place, the longest I've ever been able to just relax and stay in one home was 4 years, fuck my life y'all. 

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