scenecore debate or wtv ..

every1 needs 2 shut up and hop off each others dicks. ive seen 2many ppl whining abt scenecore and posers on their blogs.. shut up!! nobody caresss. do u rlly think complaining is getting you anywhere?? its not going 2 make any1 change the way they dress or wtv they call themself.. stop whining. xx

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MetalHeart ☭

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scenecore is for gen alphas

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I love how you have no actual arguments other than "ZomG shut up1!1!1!2 st0p wh1n1ng!1!1!"

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LITERALLY its not even that deep but people are making it seem like its a crime for someone to say theyre 'scenecore' like grow up it isnt that much of a big deal

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see.. u get it. i luv u (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

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