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>Joined Spacehey today
>I wanna spread some positivity after checking out the trending blogs 

I don't know much about scenecore (or -core anything in general), but to my knowledge, all it is is people living their aesthetics? 

I looked into Scenecore a bit. It has similarities with scene, but yes, i agree, it is not the same and preferably shouldn't get mixed up. 

Now i don't get why they're getting so much hate. Aren't they just people who are wearing what they want to wear, and listening to whatever they want to listen? As long as they don't call themselves Scenekids i do not understand the deep hatred some of the people on here have for them. 

They're just having fun, living their aesthetic. I think its cool and i fully support it. Im pro-fun (⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-⁠)⁠✧ 

Living your aesthetic isn't bad, as long as the aesthetic isn't like hurtful or disrespectful. I heard of stuff i don't really know what to think of, like gorecore and other weird things like that. But if your aesthetic is based on something harmless, go for it!! 

Please express yourself however you want to, and don't let sad people stop you from doing that!! You have my full support ᕦ⁠(⁠ò⁠_⁠ó⁠ˇ⁠)⁠ᕤ 

-some dude

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