Newjeans listener

Oh wow newjeans, u a listener of them din pala haha. I too ay isang listener ni newjeans haha. Napakinggan mo na ba whole album nila(1st EP New Jeans (Weverse album version))? I'm in awe na we both like newjeans haha what r the odds, mean yeah, u a girl so it is easy for u to like her pero what is special about it is me, cause hindi ako yung normal na demographic ni newjeans since im a really really straight guy haha DIBAAA, i think we can easily vibe i promise! Kay newjeans palang oodles na mapaguusapan natin. Im into every kind of talk like din every topic from what are the top two lotion you should apply to your skin before going to sleep, to Marixism. Don't be overwhelmed ah its just me but im sure you'll understand since you like newjeans like I like newjeans. newjeans

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